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2 Dec 2021
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Daily hacks: Skincare routines that promise to leave your skin feeling amazing

Lerato Maimela

These routines offer the perfect steps to follow for an effective daytime and nighttime skincare routine, which will leave your skin feeling and looking amazing.

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There are thousands of skincare products available to repair, protect and moisturise your skin, but choosing the correct ones for your specific skin can be very overwhelming.

Sometimes you may need some help from a professional who can assist you in finding the right skincare products for your skin type, which will work best and show you your desired results.

Once you have found the perfect products for your skin, it is important to master a skincare routine that will ensure that your products are working effectively to give you greater results in a shorter space of time.

These routines offer the perfect steps to follow for an effective daytime and nighttime skincare routine which will leave your skin feeling amazing and having a gorgeous glow.

Daytime routine

Your daytime skincare routine is usually the most important because it should protect your skin from the harsh effects of the sun and other factors in the environment for the duration of the day.

Jessica Miasato has shared a video on the proper order to apply your skincare routine or a full day’s protection and moisture.

She begins by smearing on a cleanser. She then applies a serum, eye cream and vitamin C face cream, before finishing off her routine with a layer of moisturiser and then a top layer of sunscreen.


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Nighttime routine

Yasmin has shared her nighttime skincare routine which aims to repair any damage caused to the skin during the day and to replenish, rehydrate and moisturise her skin throughout the night.

She starts off her skincare routine by cleaning her skin with a cleanser and then wiping off any excess dirt with a toner

She then exfoliates her skin with an exfoliator, before using two different serums which have different vitamins beneficial for the health of her skin.

She ends off her nighttime skincare routine by applying SPF cream before applying night cream to moisturise her skin.


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