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23 Dec 2021
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Daily hacks: Get your white sneakers super clean using these simple ingredients

Lerato Maimela

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White Converse All-Stars. Picture: iStock

Owning white sneakers is the greatest investment as a sneaker head, or a person who just enjoys the comfort and flexibility of being able to wear white sneakers with almost every outfit.

Unfortunately white sneakers tend to get super dirty really easily.

Cleaning white sneakers can also be a difficult task, as some stains may be harder to get rid of, and using harsh detergents continuously to clean your sneakers could leave them looking yellow or brown.

These tips and tricks to clean your white sneakers are super easy, and can be achieved using ingredients which you may likely already have in your kitchen cupboards to give great results in a short period of time.

Bleach for specific stains

Using bleach as one of the main ingredients to wash your white sneakers constantly can result in your sneakers looking very pale and yellow over time.

Modern Day Resell has shared his method on TikTok on how he makes use of bleach just to scrub away specific stains and spots on his sneakers, which could be harder to remove using other ordinary washing detergents.

He starts off by mixing bleach and water in one bowl, and then mixing laundry detergent and water in a different bowl.

He then takes a toothbrush and dips it in the bleach solution before brushing all of his stains and yellow spots with the toothbrush and bleach solution.

Once he is done doing that on both pairs of his sneakers, he then dips his toothbrush in the laundry detergent and water solution before thoroughly brushing both shoes.

Once he is done, he rinses his white sneakers and leaves them out to air dry.


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Baking soda solution

Marissa Brooks has shared her hacks on how she gets her white sneakers, as well as her boyfriend’s white sneakers clean after they have been used for quite some time.

She starts off by adding two tablespoons of baking soda into a bowl and then adding one tablespoon of vinegar. Once she mixes the two ingredients, she waits for them to form a paste, before diluting it with a little water and a little bit of laundry detergent.

She then wets the shoe, and uses a toothbrush to apply and scrub the baking soda solution onto the sneakers.

Once she is done scrubbing all of the white sneakers, she lays them out in the sun to dry.


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Vinegar and a washing machine

This last hack is for sneakerheads who are not so keen on doing any hard labour to get their white sneakers looking super clean, and would rather toss them in the washing machine and let the machine do most of the work.

Erika Becker has shared her hacks on how she gets her sneakers looking white after every wash.

She starts of by pouring some vinegar in a spray bottle and then adding the same amount of water as the vinegar, before spraying her sneakers with the vinegar solution.

Once she is done, she tosses them into the washing machine, and adds some more vinegar into the washing machine’s fabric softener dispenser slot.

She adds some laundry detergent into the detergent slot of the machine, and washes the shoes on a normal washing cycle.

Once she is done washing her sneakers, she simply leaves them out to air dry.


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