Coperni’s spray-on dress is a viral hit on social media

This is what the designers at the helm of the Coperni fashion house, did during this latest edition of Paris Fashion Week.

In a standout moment from the Paris Fashion Week, the Coperni label ended its runway show by unveiling a dress of a whole new kind, literally painted live on Bella Hadid in front of a captivated audience. This striking image is now all over the web, proving a viral hit on social networks.

Upcycling is a practice that is gradually becoming part of consumer buying behaviour. But while shoppers now know that it’s possible to transform waste of all kinds into clothing, they may not be aware that it’s possible to turn a simple liquid into a spectacular dress.

However, this is what the designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, at the helm of the Coperni fashion house, did during this latest edition of Paris Fashion Week.

Top model Bella Hadid was chosen to close the show, but this time there was no question of a regular runway walk. Instead, the young model positioned herself in front of the guests in her underwear, waiting for the designers to work their magic.

Which they then did, by spraying Bella Hadid with a white product. According to Vogue Business, this was a liquid containing cotton and synthetic fibers combined with a polymer solution, which transforms into fabric upon contact with the skin. Incredible, but true.

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This performance worthy of a science fiction scene has undoubtedly had the desired effect, as it went viral in a matter of hours. It led to tens of thousands of posts on Instagram, and even more “likes”, while the hashtag #sprayondress already counts over 3 million views on TikTok.

With its Media Impact Value (MIV) algorithm, which seeks to “measure and benchmark the impact of all media placements and mentions across different voices in the fashion, luxury and beauty industries,” Launchmetrics reports that the MIV related to this moment is estimated at $26.3 million in the 48 hours following the show.

And that figure should continue to climb in the hours and days to come. All of which reflects the public’s enthusiasm for a feat that is far from becoming the norm, but which is clearly the stuff of dreams.

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