Daily hacks: Three easy and stunning free hand hairstyles

Looking for new hairstyle inspiration? Try one of these trendy looks...

An amazing skill to learn is to be able to do your own hairstyle, and an even more amazing skill to have is to be able to do your hair, with your free hand, and with minimal materials and equipment.

Try recreating one of these three trendy and stunning free hand hairstyles for your next fashionable and long lasting hair look.


Dreadlocks or dreads are the best free hand hairstyle to do if you are looking for a semi-permanent hairstyle that you can rock for months, or even years.

To maintain your dreads, all you need to do is frequently wash them and twist them to ensure that they are always looking neat and tidy.

If you would like to shake things up with your dreads, then you can dye them or even style them in different hairstyles to keep them protected and stylish.

If you find yourself being over dreadlocks after having them for some time, then you can simply chop them off or comb them out to let your hair loose and in its natural state.

Dreadlocks tied in a hair bun. Picture: iStock

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One of the most loved protective hairstyles amongst the black community is braids, also known as “singles”.

If you are skilled in braiding hair, then all you would need is some hairpieces and your hands to braid a full head of hair.

You can make use of a comb to ensure that you perfectly part your hair into smaller sections before braiding, to create neat and gorgeous braids.

Long braids in a hair bun. Picture: Pinterest


Another popular hairstyle is the classic cornrow look.

Cornrows are usually done by women who frequently wear wigs, to ensure that their hair is tied down neatly under their wigs at all times, but can also be done to take a break from heavy protective styles, and the tiresome and expensive upkeep of natural hair.

Remember to always wear bonnets or silk cloths when going to bed to keep your hairstyles stylish and neat for a longer period of time.

Neat and stunning cornrows. Picture: Pinterest

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