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Wedding season outfits: matchy-matchy outfit inspiration for guests

When picking wedding season outfits, people often go for 'matchy-matchy' or coordinated looks. Here are some celebrity looks for inspiration.

It’s that season again when everyone is tying the knot and celebrating the milestone with loved ones so the search for wedding season outfits is on.

When picking wedding season outfits, people often go for “matchy-matchy” or coordinated looks. Actress Dineo Langa and her husband Solo are pros when it comes to the “matchy-matchy” look and they even launched their own clothing line featuring outfits in this aesthetic.

In fact, Langa and her on-screen husband Matli Mohapeloa recently wore matching outfits for a wedding on their show, The Estate. The outfits were designed by Port of LNG, the label that the actress and her husband launched last year.

Check out a series of celebrity looks that could inspire your wedding season outfits

There are a range of ways to approach the design process depending on what your style is. You could go for modern shapes and styles made with traditional fabric, the same way that Dineo and Solo often do.

You could also both wear suits, much like rapper Moozlie and her partner, Sbu.

Moozlie and Sbu have also matched without really matching by going the monochrome route and picking outfits in the same colour. You and your date could each design whatever you wanted for your wedding season outfits and match by picking the colour like Moozlie and Sbu or Kwesta and his wife Yolanda Mvelase.

Speaking of Kwesta and Yolanda, they have got the matchy aesthetic on lock. Flip through the gallery below to see all the time their “combos communicated” and they coordinated in matching looks.

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Alternatively, you and your wedding date could pay homage to each other’s outfits by picking a less obvious way to match by focusing on a theme. Something like feathers on each outfit, using geometric shapes as a motif or wearing the same accessory and styling it different ways.

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