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By Thami Kwazi

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Fashion Envy: Three times Khanyi Mbau reminded us who’s the fashion queen

From private jets and diamonds to morning mimosas Khanyi just keeps reminding us who's boss.

Despite the country being on lockdown and people staying home to preserve their health. Khanyi Mbau ventured to an undisclosed location in a private jet on a brief safari trip. Khanyi Mbau reinforced her celebrity royal status by showing us her loos and evoking compete us fashion envy.

Serving styling fashion in muted shades and making dressing up for a trip away look effortless. It’s not clear if the trip was a getaway or a shoot, but Khanyi made us all wish we didn’t have to stay home.

Bold in Browns

Embarking on the trip, Khanyi titled the first image: ‘Vain’. She’s seen sitting inside a private jet with wearing a white jersey and brown textured fur poncho. Wearing matching brown fur boots and the ultimate rich aunty accessory shade sunglasses. Khanyi scrolls through her phone without care.


White Washed

In a picture titled: ‘Pure’, Khanyi wears a crisp white knitted sweatsuit from Style Alert SA and white puff parka covering her shoulders. She stands by the pool and her accessories are simply a white gold choker and medium-sized gold hoop earrings. Of course, because a bag is necessary for every occasion, she has a caramel-shade Gucci slingback on her hip.


Classy Caramel

Striking a pose in a picture titled: ‘Cosmic alignment’, Khanyi wears a Macc-Gee caramel-coloured two-piece set: a loose brown shirt and cargo pants. Khanyi also poses drinking a mimosa and holding a diamond case with a diamond pinkie ring from Nungu diamonds.


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