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Festive gift ideas for him – Christmas gifts for the men in your life

No matter the reason, or the season, ideas for gifts become a little difficult when it comes to ideas for what to get the people in your life.

The tinsel, glitter and Christmas trees are out and festive season plans are being made but we have yet to get to the best part of it all, the gifts!

The act of giving gifts during the festive season is purely symbolic and rooted in the Christian tradition in honour of the tributes made to the baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men after his birth during the story of the Nativity.

According to Gifts International, the practice is not something that is exclusive to Christianity.

“This is because several other religions mark the end of the year with a similar custom, such as the Jewish festival of lights Hanukkah or the Hindu celebration of Pancha Ganapati in honour of Lord Ganesha.”

No matter the reason, however, gift-giving can become a little difficult when it comes to ideas for what to get the people in your life. In this article, we take a look at gift ideas for the men in your life.


Most people love shoes, regardless of their gender identity, so they’re always a safe bet when picking out presents. Not only are they practical (because they can be worn regularly) but they also look great.

Male grooming kit

As societal standards shift, more and more men are becoming comfortable investing in their grooming routines. As such products from the Manscaped range could make for some great gifts.

The brand, which describes itself as one that “offers a full line of premium products intelligently designed to elevate one’s grooming routine and unlock confidence in men” recently launched in South Africa.

In addition to offering an electric trimmer for one’s nether regions and an ear and nose hair trimmer, the Manscaped range also includes grooming products such as “ball deodorant,” “ball toner,” razors and body wash to name a few.

At the time of writing, Manscaped had a site-wide 20% off sale going.

Steel ice cubes

Alcohol is another safe gifting staple but instead of gifting bottles, you might want to consider gifting the accessories that go along with the bottles like an air pressure wine opening kit or steel ice cubes.

Stainless steel ice cubes
Stainless steel ice cubes. Picture: Supplied

South Africa-based CBD health and wellness brand Olio released a festive season gift guide featuring these items which can be found on most local online stores or in brick-and-mortar stores at specialist retailers.

Podcast equipment

Podcasting has become quite popular and if you have a man in your life who is more comfortable than most when it comes to putting himself and his ideas out there, you may want to consider gifting them some podcast equipment.

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