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11 Aug 2021
4:59 pm

You can now order KFC on WhatsApp

Citizen Reporter

Ordering from the KFC menu in South Africa has just got easier, as the fast-food chain has joined the family group chat.

KFC location in the US. Picture: iStock

KFC has made ordering food a whole lot easier. Forget the food delivery apps, the fast-food chain is joining the family group chat.

On Wednesday, KFC South Africa announced that people could now order from instant messaging application WhatsApp.

All you need to do is type “Hi” on the content number provided and order your favourite items on their menu.

WhatsApp order is currently only available for click and collect.

According to My Broadband, all people need to do is answer the questions by replying with a number, a word or an emoji. The emoji-embedded facilitation processes and guides customers through their orders. It is designed for the younger market and for those ordering for a family.

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How to place your order through WhatsApp

  1. The first and easiest route, is saving the number 087-153-1074 to your phone. Or send a message to the KFC chat line by clicking on the link. You may need to scan a QR code.
  2. Type “Hi” and send
  3. Select your order through texting replies that respond to questions asked
  4. Pick the KFC restaurant you want to collect from.
  5. Pay at the selected store
  6. Collect order.

Restaurants and food-fast chains alike have created innovative ways to keep businesses going during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Because of this, dining out safely has never been more important, with more people preferring to order and eat at home.

Wimpy created a park-and-dine experience that is convenient for those who have fears of eating out.

Parking at the designated area, a menu is brought to the customer. You then place your order in the comfort of your car and the food is brought to you to enjoy.

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