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WATCH: We try the new Burg-R spot in Sandton

Burg-R hopes to be Africa's next big burger franchise. We tried them out to see if they can compete with the big guns.

The humble hamburger has grown immensely in the past decades and it’s certainly not going out of style by the looks of the many burger eateries springing up across the country. 

We attended the launch of the new restaurant Burg-R last week and as seen in some eateries of late, the build your own burger is all the craze at the moment. 

Located in Morningside, Sandton, Burg-R has an American diner feel and experience with fun interior design colours of pink and blue, ideal for those Instagram-worthy burger pics.

After a short wait and a couple of cocktails prepared by mixologist Unathi, the doors finally opened.

Burg-R is the creation of Ghanaian owner Nana Asare, who told The Citizen he started his business from his travel experiences across the world and noticed a clear gap in many burger franchises.

“One of the most frustrating things I always faced when at a burger restaurant is you always have to take something out and put something in. Each time you change the build of the burger you don’t get the same consistency.“

Asare adds he has always wanted to create a build your own concept using the best ingredients at an affordable price. 

WATCH: New Burg-R spot in Sandton

This video is no longer available.

The prices are affordable, additional toppings on burgers are usually priced above R8, at Burg-R they start at just R4. 

Their grass fed Kalahari beef burger is equally well priced at R65, and if you are really hungry the double beef burger is R90. There is a veggie burger (black bean, quinoa patty), a cheeseburger and a bun-less burger priced at R60.

Peri-Peri fries at Burg-R. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

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Burg-R offers customers the option to choose their own burger style, with the first four toppings for free, which include grilled onions, jalapeno, mushrooms, pickles and much more. There are strawberry and vanilla milkshakes on the menu.

While the menu is not very diverse at the moment, they hope to build on it as they grow.

Our verdict

The A-grade double Kalahari beef patty was slightly raw, not the best but not the worst, my colleague felt.

Having had the vegetarian option, I thought the patty was tasty, and the buns at Burg-R are soft and hold the burgers very well. They were the highlight of the meal. The fries were good, however, not so much the milkshakes. They don’t have that differentiating factor, a necessary signature style that comes with this sweet beverage lately. 

Strawberry with whipped cream milkshake and Vanilla milkshake at Burg-R. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

We did wait for some time for our orders to come, considering this was the launch some glitches were to be expected, such as orders being mixed up. We were hoping to be wowed, however we weren’t. The restaurant has potential and with time, feedback and better training it can challenge the big competitors such as Burger King, and Rocco Mamas who have consumed this market for the past couple of years. Particularly the niche market of gigantic burgers and custom milkshakes.

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