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WATCH: How to create the perfect dry hump orchestra with outercourse Kama Sutra

Outercourse is the new safe sex, but it can also be a whole lot of naughty fun and played almost anywhere, anytime. An expert gives some tips on how to do it right.

Outercourse is trending for good reason. It’s the safest kind of sex around but, it’s also naughty, it’s fun play and getting it on can be adapted to almost any kind of situation, anywhere.

Whether it’s a bit of naughty footsie under a restaurant table, an accidental brush up and feel up when walking past your beau or belle, outercourse touching is where it’s at and there are a myriad of non-penetrative ways to turn up the heat and, in many instances, reach orgasm.

And, while the Kama Sutra has earned a reputation for its sensual lifestyle guidance and a hundred and something sexual positions, there are some outercourse movements that create the perfect dry hump orchestra.

Sexual wellness coach Lindiwe Rasekoala calls it the five aspects of the outercourse Kama Sutra.

Watch Lindiwe explaining the Outercourse Kama Sutra below:


Breast sex is at the top of Rasekoala’s hit parade. “It’s quite simple, using your breasts to have some breast sex. It’s when you put the phallic object in between the breasts, and using lubrication to just go up and down and stimulate yourself by actually engaging in that kind of outercourse sex.” It’s a very sexy way to have some play,” she says.

Another thing to try is traditional dry humping. Everyone’s quite familiar with it. You can do this with your clothes on. You can do it with, you know, just maybe your panties on. But the big rule here is, there is no penetration, but loads of rubbing and positions galore. As long as your genitals are touching, bumping and grinding together,” she explains.

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“The next outercourse position that you can try is basically a leg shag for lack of a better term. It’s the same concept as when you’re having breast sex. You can use lubrication and just stimulate yourself by putting the phallic object in between the thighs and going up and down or, in and out. It kind of gives the illusion that you might be penetrating something, but, you are not.”

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And, what is outercourse without masturbation? Said Rasekoala: “It is very important. You can still do this alone. It’s still considered as sex. And, you can do this with your clothes on because for example, say we’re talking about women; the vulva itself has so many nerve endings and doesn’t need to be directly stimulated for you to achieve orgasm. So even just, you know, kind of rubbing on the outside is something that you can get stimulation and arousal from”.

Mutual masturbation qualifies as outercourse.

Outercourse can also move to the derriere without penetration. And, while penetration is a major temptation with this position, avoid it to gain the full pleasure of this instalment of dry humping.

Said Rasekoala: “Butt cheek sex is basically the same thing that you would do with the thighs or the breast, but you do it in between the butt cheeks and you just stimulate the object or phallic object that you are placing between them. It’s like having sex, only it isn’t penetrative”.

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