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By Leigh Crymble

Beauty and fashion columnist

The Lo Down: what’s your beauty style?

How would you describe your beauty style? Non-existent? Natural? Avant garde? Classic? Free spirited? What do your beauty habits and purchases say about you?

Answer the following questions to find out more about your beauty style.

What is your monthly beauty budget?

A: Under R100 – I buy basic toiletries.

B: Under R300 – I know what I need to buy each month and stick to my budget.

C: R400 to R500 – there are a few non-negotiables that I cannot do without.

D: More than R1000 – expensive hair and skin products are important to me.

2. When was the last time you were at a spa/salon?

A: I can’t really remember – I prefer to be more DIY.

B: About a month ago – it’s an occasional treat.

C: I am there fairly regularly – every chance I get.

D: I’m there right now.

3. What can you not leave home without?

A: A bit of lipbalm and I’m good to go.

B: Mascara, some blush or bronzer, and a touch of lip gloss.

C: I need to have eye makeup on – especially mascara.

D: Full makeup – I feel uncomfortable otherwise.

4. You see an ad for a new anti-ageing cream. You:

A: Ignore it – your wrinkles give you character.

B: Briefly consider trying it – but it’s not in your price range.

C: Google it – you’ll make your decision based on product reviews.

D: Make a plan to visit your nearest beauty retailer – you need it.

5. You get a R500 salon voucher as a gift. You:

A. Put it aside to re-gift to your friend/colleague/mother/sister.

B. Book a facial with it.

C. Book a mani/pedi with it.

D. Add in some extra money and get a few treatments done at once.


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Mostly As: Ms Natural

You prefer to be as au naturel as possible and you keep your beauty regimen simple. You don’t spend hours getting ready and prefer makeup and beauty products that are easy to apply (and remove). You probably opt for organic products that accentuate your features with your wake-up-and-go lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to experiment, though. Ask for some product samples at your local beauty retailer and try new things to see what works for you.


Mostly Bs: Ms Balanced

You are comfortable and confident with your own style and you don’t let beauty and fashion trends dictate your spending patterns. You have your favourites when it comes to beauty products but you’re open to trying new things, especially when they come recommended. As you tend to be sensible with your beauty budget, find salons with monthly specials and allow yourself the odd salon treat.


Mostly Cs: Ms Trendsetter

You are a beauty aficionado and beauty products are a highlight of your life. You’re not one to shy away from daring eye makeup or a bold lipstick and you’ve probably had a few beauty experimentations go wrong over the years. You like to stay ahead-of-the-curve with new beauty products. New mascara out? That’s fine. You didn’t need to pay rent this month anyways.


Mostly Ds: Ms Glamour

You live, breathe, and sleep beauty and care about how you present yourself to the world. Your style is polished and sophisticated and it is important for you to spend time, energy, and finances on beauty products and treatments. Make sure that you’re not too caught up on aesthetics. Relax those standards occasionally and have fun with your style.

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