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Mother’s Day gift guide: Thoughtful ideas to celebrate Mom in style

Consider giving gifts that reflect thoughtfulness and a personal connection like the classic choices of a personalised mug, a robe, slippers, and other handpicked items such as flowers.

Mother’s Day is not just another day of observation. It’s a day that’s been singled out to celebrate the person who gave birth to us, the woman who’s the greatest influence and caregiver of the world’s children, and your family’s. When we are bruised, physically or emotionally, mom’s the go-to and when joyous occasions or milestones are reached, there’s always a cheerleader that’s louder than everyone else. Your mother.

Gifts of appreciation on Mother’s Day can become a little over the top, but spending loads of cash on flash never compensates for one of the most important gifts that offspring and fathers can give. It’s time. Time with the family to honour the mom in our lives, and time-out for women who juggle work, family, and everything in-between, sans ever dropping the ball.

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A spa voucher is always a winner, because switching off time is self-care time, and beyond time with her family, a mom should not always have to be on the clock. Indulgence is good for the spirit, the soul, and spas like Octavia’s at Emperor’s Palace. Life Day Spa in Rosebank or the Amani Spas at Radisson Hotels often have fantastic specials or packages on offer. Otherwise, make it a day and trip out to Mangwanani close to Hartbeespoort Dam. It’s well worth the price tag to spoil the women we love in this manner.

Going back to basics when it comes to ideas in gifting is, after all, the same place where love and appreciation is rooted. Consider giving gifts that reflect thoughtfulness and a personal connection like the classic choices of a personalised mug, a robe, slippers, and other handpicked items such as flowers.

A mug is more than just a container for a hot chocolate or a coffee. Imagine personalising a simple mug, or a collection of mugs, with pictures of junior’s first day of school, scenes of mom and the kids together during a special moment, or a collection of her favourite quotes to complement a set of memories. Most stores like Classic Print in Sunninghill or PostNet outlets can create these gifts in double quick time; personalised mugs rarely exceed around R 150 per mug.

It’s getting colder and there is nothing quite like a plush robe and a pair of slippers, that you personally selected from a store, to message mom that you care about her chill time at home. For an extra touch, embroidering a phrase onto the garment can go a long way to adding a great measure of joy at receiving a simple, but thoughtful gift. Gowns range from a couple of hundred Rands through to luxury outlets where it may exceed a week’s wage. Slippers, the same while embroidery remains affordable at a few Rand per letter captured.

If you get the mom or moms in your life a bunch of flowers, do not last-minute-dotcom your gesture. Visit a florist and share your sentiments. These feelings of appreciation for her kindness and love can then be translated into a melody of colours in an arrangement that shows how much thought you put into sharing real emotion, manifest florally. A good, bespoke arrangement should not set you back more than five to eight hundred Rands.

Scroll through the images for gift ideas.

There are, of course, the other stock standards like perfume and going out to lunch. But why not pack a picnic and invest in an organic gift like a Sage or Juniper bushel from outlets like Heavenly Healing in Benoni. Burning these hand-tied fragrant herbs is said to provide varying emotional and spiritual benefits. A meditation poof ranges between R350 and R900, dependent on size.

If you’re looking to spend a bit more, invest in beautifully handcrafted jewelry with semi-precious gemstones that all hold meaning, vibrate on varying levels of energy and can simply be beautiful to behold. Traditional jewelers may not be the best hunting ground, but again stores like House of Isis in Rosebank or Heavenly Healing in Benoni, markets and artisan jewelers could very well present the perfect piece to show mom just how much you love her, and how much energy you put into sourcing a symbol of how you feel.

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