News from the beauty desk: all about the eyes

With the ’70s firmly making its way back into the realm of beauty and fashion, there is no better way to express this trend than through the eyes.

Bold colours, eyeliners and eyeshadow in delicious hues make for a perfect way to enjoy those summer days and cool summer nights.

Here are few products to try to make your eyes pop:

1. For perfect lashes:
This mascara is not for the faint of heart, giving your lashes 10 times the volume intensity of your natural lash. The Wet ’n Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara is formulated with macadamia
nut, jojoba and olive oils for conditioning, and enriched with D-Panthenol. Its brush lifts, separates, and extends for extreme voluminous lashes – no clumping or smudging.

– Make an impact with the richest, most intense ink-black imaginable. Revolutionary formula provides extreme volume and length to ensure your lashes are extended and full. The MegaImpact Extreme Lash Mascara contains a silicon complex that provides elasticity and flexibility, proven to enhance the natural lash up to eight times. Enriched with argan oil, this mascara conditions each lash!

– Lash Mascara Superstar by Maybelline ensures no need for glue and tweezers. The first of its kind offers lashes in two steps. The innovative system thickens and lengthens the look of lashes with Velcro fibres.

Picture: iStockphoto.

Picture: iStockphoto.

2. For perfect brows

Any makeup artist will tell you that your brows frame and define your entire face. So you best not neglect them. Give them the special attention they deserve with this versatile dual-ended pencil. First, brush those babies in place with the brow comb for perfectly groomed arches. Then, draw them in and set them with rich, creamy, lightweight colour. Check out the two-in dual-ended pencil which comes with a grooming comb. If it’s bold eyes you are going for to achieve that ’70s look, make sure you enchance the eyebrows.

– Try Maybelline’s BrowSatin which is also has a dual offering. The filling powder is attached to the end of the brush which glides on to create the perfect shape. The pencil comes in handy too to create the perfect shape. Go bold with brows this summer!

3. For colour

One of the most famous looks from the ’70s was bold colour on the lids. Try the Colour Icon Range and get smearing on. From hues of blue to white, the ’70s is all about the eye. Don’t forget that the pearly textures and colours make their return too. To modernise this look ensure you go for satiny textures that last all day and never fade or crease. The Colour Icon Range is available in three colours: Suede, Cheeky and Unchained.

Picture: iStockphoto.

Picture: iStockphoto.

4. Handy tips

To fully complete your ’70s glamour look, make sure to accentuate the cheeks with a neutral blush that blends well on your skin. If you want to finish off the look in your hair too, make sure you add an accessory like a flower or headband.

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