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Spread the love this February: Adopt a pet, change a life!

Looking for love this February? The greatest gift you can give yourself is to adopt from an animal shelter. But before you do, read this first:

Have you considered adopting a furry companion? Since February is the month of love, why not adopt a pet and give an animal in need a loving home?

If you are looking for a four-legged friend, we suggest adopting from a registered shelter.

However, it is vital to weigh up all the pros and cons of pet adoption.

Adopt a pet: Pros and cons

Remember: pets aren’t disposable objects, and adopting an animal comes with responsibility. You will be taking care of that animal for the rest of its life.

give a good home to a pet in need
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If you are ready for that commitment, keep reading. We have the answers to your questions and a nice (financial) surprise, too.

Support a local shelter

More often than not, animal shelters are overcrowded and easily passed up because pet stores draw the crowds. By adopting from a shelter, you save lives.

Every year, nearly one million adoptable pets are euthanised in South Africa, according to the Knysna Welfare Society.

This is due to overcrowded shelters and low adoption rates. By adopting, you save one animal’s life while also creating space for another in need.

Adopt a pet in February, valentine's day
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It also takes some of the pressure off animal shelters.

Adopt a pet, end puppy mills

If you support a local shelter, you are also taking business away from puppy mills, where female dogs are kept in confined spaces without human companionship and forced to breed repeatedly.

The Knysna Welfare Society says once the mothers are no longer profitable, they are simply discarded.

Many of their puppies end up in pet shops or other markets, and this type of factory-style breeding will continue unless South Africans stop supporting it.

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Own up to the responsibility

Your newly adopted pet will become a part of your family, and sadly, many people don’t consider the responsibility of owning a pet.

It’s important to keep your pet healthy, and this would require regular visits to the vet, along with a daily healthy diet, safe shelter, and enough exercise.

Adopt a pet, support animal shelters
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Pets also need routine vaccinations and deworming, as well as flea and tick control. The latter is closely linked to good hygiene practices, which include regular washing – not only of your pet but their beds and linen as well.

Other responsibilities of a pet owner include keeping them safe, spending enough time with them, cleaning up after them, and neutering them.

How to get a bonus hamper

To help ease the financial burden, Supa Quick is running a special Valentine’s campaign during the month of February.

They will cover R1 000 of the adoption fee and will also give a pet hamper to the first 150 people who adopt an animal from the SPCA or registered shelter.

And for the first time, bunnies are included in this special offer.

Adopt a bunny
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To qualify for the offer, simply visit any SPCA or registered adoption agency in South Africa and WhatsApp proof (as well as a picture of you and your new dog, cat, or bunny) to 067 969 5771.

Now that we’ve discussed all the pros and cons of adopting a pet, go forth and find your furry friend today!

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