Hein Kaiser
3 minute read
2 Apr 2021
8:00 am

DIY saved us from our lockdown lockup- here’s how

Hein Kaiser

If you found yourself painting your home during lockdown, hanging shelves or rearranging your furniture, you are not alone, DIY has become the new escapism during the pandemic.

Family DIY paint job. Picture: iStock

It has been a year of lockdown and, rewinding twelve months, the first Level 5 and 4 of isolation held significant risk of boredom for families and individuals trapped between four walls. During that time, a surge in home baking, cooking, gardening, food-gardening, and DIY was reported the world over. In fact, the Joint Centre for Housing Studies at Harvard University in the United States said that a peak of 78%  of homeowners interviewed in a survey, run between March and June last year, engaged in DIY home improvement project to accommodate their new lifestyles. At the time, the Centre...