Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
27 May 2021
9:17 am

Fitting goodbye? Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupe nails it

Charl Bosch

Controlled AMG lunacy in a package that plays hard without being a difficult everyday cruiser.

Sinister but still somehow restrained

What are you seeing here is potentially the end of an era for not only Mercedes-Benz and AMG, but also to a bodystyle that has been a hallmark of the E-Class story ever since the legendary W114 and W115 of the late 1960’s and 1970s. Fact or fiction? Despite assurance from the three-pointed star, a claim from Italy last year alleged that Stuttgart is weighing-up the possibly of dropping not only the E-Class coupe and cabriolet, but also the soft-top and two-door versions of the C-Class, an allegation seemingly substantiated on the back of the new W206 C-Class being offered...