Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
4 minute read
14 May 2022
8:10 am

Revealed: South Africa’s fastest double cab bakkies

Mark Jones

190 kW Amarok leads, with Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger separated by only four tenths of a second.

The 190 kW Volkswagen Amarok has all the other local double cabs choking in its fumes.

I have been testing cars, SUVs, MPVs and SAVs … basically anything with wheels for as many years as I can remember. But funny enough, nowhere has the debate been more furious than when it comes to double cab bakkies. The things that started out as ugly, slow, unsafe, utilitarian vessels to cart rubbish around are now the most popular family vehicles on our roads. Just as bakkies have evolved from ugly and unsafe, so has the quest from the manufacturers ramped up exponentially to build and offer the most powerful family and cargo movers on planet earth. Now bragging...