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Electrifying Energica Superbikes impress

These fully electric bikes can be charged in eight minutes.

The Energica Motor Corporation’s Italian-built electric motorcycles are now available in South Africa. These electric motorcycles have been tested and proven on international racetracks around the world and all the technology used and tested on their MotoE race machines is passed on to their street machines.

From a looks and styling point of view the Energica motorcycles are up there with the best and have received very favourable feedback from expert reviews around the world.

Even with the key issues on distances one can travel, the onboard computer will advise you how much power you have plus the number of kilometres still available and the location of the next power point (via built in GPS) en-route for your next charge (eight to 16 minutes on a fast charger). These charging stations are available e on all the highways and select shopping malls locally.


Energica e-bike on track

Like in the case of electric cars, electric motorcycles are also still very costly, but price cuts have prices come down by as much as R50 000. The current line-up sees the EVA ESSE9+ priced at R480 000, the EVA Ribelle at R520 000 and the EGO+ at R550 000. These prices are all in standard specs without any configuration additions.

“With the launch of the new range EGO+, EVA Ribell and the EVA ES9+ which improves both riding range and power while reducing the weight, our bikes gave an answer to the market needs as shown by the order backlog and record sales last year”, said Livia Cevolini, CEO Energica Motor Company.

The full specification sheets of each model can be viewed at enerital.e2u.co.za.

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