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V8 laid to rest as power details emerge of next Nissan Patrol

Premium division Infiniti will provide the official preview of the new Patrol when it debuts the more luxurious QX80 on 20 March.

Ahead of its world debut in just over three weeks’ time, Nissan’s premium division, Infiniti, has released more images and also first technical details of the all-new QX80 that will serve as a preview of the next generation Patrol.

Out-powering Land Cruiser 300

Known to have been under development since 2019, the first brand-new QX80/Patrol in 14 years has long been reported as dropping the 5.6-litre normally aspirated V8 for a twin-turbocharged V6 in a downsize move arch rival Toyota has since implemented with the Land Cruiser 300 and its upscale offshoot, the Lexus LX.

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In another teaser image released in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Infiniti confirmed the V6 will be a 3.5-litre unit, albeit a completely brand-new one from Nissan’s VR family consisting at present of the 3.0-litre VR30DDT used in the Z and Skyline, and the VR38DETT that has powered the GT-R since 2007.

Called VR35DDTT, which will eschew electrification completely, the twin-blown bent-six will produce 335kW/698Nm, which represents an increase of 37kW/138Nm over the free-breathing VK56VD V8.

Infiniti reveals new QX80's power figures
Brand-new 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 replaces the venerable 5.6-litre normally aspirated V8. Image: Infiniti

Also new is the transmission as the seven-speed automatic makes way for a nine-speed self-shifter Nissan claims is much as 40% more efficient thanks to wider gear ratios “allowing for both responsive acceleration and efficient highway cruising”.

New suspension, but interior still a mystery

Its outputs also being 30kW/48Nm up on the 3.5-litre badged 3.4-litre twin-turbo V6 used in the Land Cruiser 300 and LX, the QX80 will continue to ride on a body-on-frame platform and retain a low range gearbox, but with a series of chassis modifications Nissan and Infiniti has so far remained quiet on.

Nissan Patrol being previewed by Infiniti QX80 on 20 March
Concept Infiniti QX Monograph will seemingly be changed a little for the production variant. Image: Infiniti

In the statement accompanying the images, Nissan’s Senior Vice-President for Global Product Strategy and Product Planning, Ivan Espinosa, confirmed the QX80, and most likely the Patrol, will feature improved torsional rigidity and a Dynamic Digital Suspension as part of the standard air suspension system.

No exact details surrounding the setup is known, with Infiniti only saying that it “constantly evaluates the vehicle’s motions to reduce body motion”.

Nissan Patrol being previewed by Infiniti QX80 on 20 March
QX Monograph’s rear bears a resemblance to the Nissan Pathfinder and as such, will not be changed for when the Patrol becomes a reality. Image: Infiniti

Externally, the production version of the QX Monograph has seemingly been toned down mildly as the rear facia has remained unchanged, while the split LED headlight design will also be carried over in a pattern that resembles that of the Honda NSX in the case of the upper beam.

Likely to again be badged Armada in the United States instead of Patrol for the Nissan variant, Infiniti has again declined to provide any hints of the QX80’s interior, saying only the newcomer will have a “serenely quiet cabin and refined experience for all on board”.

Nissan set to soon debut all-new Patrol
Aside from a number of facelifts, the current Y62 Patrol will soon bow-out after a production run of 14 years. Image: Nissan

Rumoured though is a 24-inch display and sensors that adjusts the climate control based on the scanned temperature of all inside.

Patrol reveal still unknown

Last updated in 2019 with different interiors for the Middle East and Australian models, the latter being the similar to the current South African version, the QX80, and not the Patrol, will make its world showing on 20 March before debuting to the public at the New York International Auto Show nine days later.

In the case of the Patrol, which will adopt the internal moniker Y63, no exact details are known as emphasis until now had been placed solely on the QX80.

Set to have a Nissan specific design language as opposed to Infiniti’s Artistry in Motion styling, expect more details to emerge once the QX80 becomes a reality.

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