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Jaguar’s turnaround starting in June with end of XE, XF and F-Type

Post June, only the E-Pace and F-Pace will remain in production in preparation until 2025.

Its restructuring announced last year as part of its move towards electrification by 2025, Jaguar has now provided an expected timeline of events by announcing that production of its sedans and sports car will come to an end in June this year.

SUVs only between June and 2025

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Last year, the leaping cat’s CEO, Adrian Mardell, said a completely overhauled line-up had been decided on minus the XE, XF, F-Type, E-Pace, F-Pace and even the I-Pace as part of its transition to full electrification.

Jaguar will starts its EV move by selling only SUVs initially
E-Pace will be retained alongside the F-Pace in preparation for the EV transition in 2025. Image: Jaguar

Besides opting not to renew the I-Pace Mardell admitted would be outdated by 2025 and not viable for a second generation based on the dedicated JEA platform, the restructuring will also involve the return of the XJ Coventry abruptly cancelled months before its revival as an EV two years ago.

Jaguar will starts its EV move by selling only SUVs initially
I-Pace will be discontinued in 2025 in spite of being an EV. Image: Jaguar

“Right now, people are telling me it’s going to be in the first half of 2025. That’s just under two years away. I’d be more confident in that response when we’re nine to 12 months away. So, we’ve got time – we’ve got nine to 12 months – to work through these decisions,” Mardell told Britain’s Autocar last year about the XJ’s successor.

All over for sedans and F-Type

Restructured Jaguar will start with no sedans or sports cars
Curtain will come down on the XF in June after two generations spanning nearly 17 years. Image: Jaguar

In the latest development, the phasing-out of the current models, hinted by Mardell last year, will see the XE, XF and F-Type go out of production in June, with the E-Pace and F-Pace continuing for the time being.

Once completed, the pair of SUVs will also be discontinued and replaced by models based on the JEA that will provide the foundation for all of Jaguar’s post-2025 models.

Restructured Jaguar will start with no sedans or sports cars
Production of the F-Type already ended in 2023. Image: Jaguar

“The majority of our products cease production in June, but they will be on sale for a much longer time,” Jaguar’s President and CEO for North America, Joe Eberhardt, was quoted by Road and Track as saying at the end of February.

“We will have a production schedule that enables us to have a continuous supply of vehicles until the new cars come … We’re trying to time it so we have enough volume to take us through to the launch of the new product and have a clean handover.

Restructured Jaguar will start with no sedans or sports cars
XE will bow-out in June after almost a decade as Jaguar’s smallest model and sedan. Image: Jaguar

“Whether it will be as perfectly planned as that, we’ll see – maybe we’ll sell out more quickly, or maybe it will take a little longer to sell through the current inventory. But the plan is to sunset the current product portfolio and then launch the new ones.”

The move to electrification will also bring an end to Jaguar’s usage of the Ford-era AJ-V8 supercharged engine, which will remain in production, for now, in certain Defender and Discovery models until being replaced by the BMW-made 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 currently powering the full-size Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

More details soon

In South Africa, Jaguar’s sales have remained dramatically low with only 149 units moved throughout the 2023, led by the F-Pace, whose figures often rate as the only one to make it into double figures.

A clearer announcement by Jaguar parent company, JLR, is expected to made in June once the Castle Bromwich plant ceases production of the XE, XF and F-Type.

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