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Rotary’s return continues as Mazda reveals EV Iconic SP Concept

Commination of a two-rotor electric powertrain produces a claimed 272 kW, more than any previous generation RX model.

Having recommenced rotary engine production in the form of a range extender for the electric MX-30 in January, Mazda has provided the biggest hint yet of re-introducing the peripheral ported engine as the main method of propulsion with the introduction of a new concept at the Tokyo Mobility Show.

Multi-fuelled, lots of grunt

Based on the MX-5, the Iconic SP Concept derives motivation from a two-rotor electric powerunit Mazda says has been designed in a such way that it runs either on carbon neutral fuel or even hydrogen.

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Decked-out in a colour called Viola Red, two-door coupe is said to have obtained the ideal 50/50 weight distribution not only as a result of the compact sized rotary engine being mounted low down, but also the claimed 1 450 kg weight and centre of gravity.

Mazda's rotary revival teased again with Iconic SP Concept
Rotary electric powerunit makes the Iconic SP Concept the most powerful non-racing peripheral ported model Mazda has ever made. Image: Mazda

Styled to resemble not only the MX-5, but also the Ford Probe, the original Mazda 6 and RX-8, and from the rear, the Chevrolet Corvette C2, the rotary-electric setup develops 272 kW, significantly more than any previous generation non-racing RX.

Measuring 4 180 mm long, 1 850 mm wide and 1 150 mm tall, the Iconic SP Concept rides on a wheelbase stretching 2 590 mm and besides the rotary, boasts batteries made from recyclable materials.

Mazda's rotary revival teased again with Iconic SP Concept
Look of the rear draws visual links with the Chevrolet Corvette C2. Image: Mazda

“As a car-loving company that mass-produces the inspiring mobility experience, we are committed to shaping the future with our partners sharing the same goal, as well as our fans, where everyone can proudly say, ‘we love cars’, “Mazda President and CEO, Masahiro Moro, said.

“With such a strong will, Mazda is committed to enrich life-in-motion for those we serve and will continue to pursue the ‘Joy of Driving’ under its core value, “Human Centric”, and aim to deliver ‘Joy of Living’”.

Rotary’s return road

Announced back in 2019 as not having given up on the possibility of introducing a rotary-powered successor to the RX-8, the introduction of the Iconic SP Concept comes exactly eight years after the unveiling of the RX Vision in Tokyo, touted at the same as being the likely replacement under the RX-9 moniker.

Mazda's rotary revival teased again with Iconic SP Concept
Interior has a district retro look and feel. Image: Mazda

Despite the uncovering of patent documents pertaining the rotary months before its reassurances, only its usage on the MX-30 R-EV has so far come fruition, with plans of expanding it to other models being ruled-out.

For now though, a second rotary Mazda model remains nothing but a concept with plans of making it a reality being a no-no at present.

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