Jaco Van Der Merwe
Head of Motoring
5 minute read
5 Aug 2020
7:35 am

Renault Koleos big, chic and simple

Jaco Van Der Merwe

Uncomplicated SUV a good ride let down by a not-so-good CVT.

When I grew up, the inside of your everyday car was fairly simple. Apart from the dominee’s Mercedes-Benz and my uncle’s fancy BMW, there were no frills in the average cabin. A driver only had to contend with the analogue dials on the instrument cluster, a few levers operating the air vent system and volume knob on the radio. The red button with the triangle on that activates the hazard lights was usually stood out like a sore tooth on the otherwise humble dash boards. The specification levels of your average car these days is a whole story altogether. All...