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Wait almost over: Reimagined Alfa Romeo 33 teased one last time

Alfa's first supercar since the 8C will be limited to 33 examples, all likely to be accounted for before production kicks-off.

Ahead of its world debut on Wednesday (30 August), Alfa Romeo has released the final teaser image of its ultra limited edition supercar widely believed to revive the 33 moniker.

Known so far

Teased in batches of three images since the end of last month, the replacement for the 4C will reportedly revert from the four-cylinder turbocharged 1750 engine to a hybridised version of the 3.0-litre twin-turbo Nettuno V6 used in the Maserati MC20.

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Said to have input from the Sauber Formula 1 team who have been using Alfa Romeo branded Ferrari engines since 2018, the 33 will have the same carbon fibre monocoque chassis as the MC20 and develop a reported 588 kW instead of 463 kW.

On track to produce significantly more grunt than Alfa’s last supercar, the Maserati-engine 8C that made 331 kW from its normally aspirated 4.7-litre V8, the 33 will take styling inspiration from the 1960s 33 Stradale and have a supposed production run of 33 units.

Sold out?

According to reports earlier this month, the homage to the Stradale, and usage of the hybrid six-cylinder engine, will extend to the top speed of 333 km/h, which amounts to 206 mph.

Alfa Romeo starts teasing new "33" supercar
First teaser image represents either the grille or the air duct. Image: Alfa Romeo.

Branded a “project dream come true” by Alfa Romeo boss Jean-Philippe Imparato, the 33, which has been on the drawing board since 2019 before being cancelled as a result of the merger between the former Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and the PSA Group that led to the creation of Stellantis, will have a speculated price tag of R20.5-million and if reports are to believed, could be sold-out before Wednesday.

According to the latest claims by motor1.com, deposits are already being taken and as such, could see all 33 examples snapped-up before production kicks off.

Alfa Romeo teases new supercar in an unusual way
A retro-drilled steering wheel is the most recent teaser depiction. Image: Alfa Romeo.

Teased by means of a retro steering wheel and by an apparent air duct or even the grille, the third and final image is of four LED lights integrated into a triangular vent placed on top of what could be the engine cover in the capacity of the third brake light.

Clock is ticking

Underscored with the words “Il coraggio di sognare” which translates as “the courage to dream”, the image only confirms 30 August as the date of reveal from 17h00 live from Alfa Romeo’s museum in Milan.

Initially rumoured for unveiling in 2025, the 33 will effectively become Alfa Romeo’s final new combustion engine model in lieu of its switch to complete electrification in 2027.

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