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Ruff road trip: Dog owners prefer taxis to travelling with canines

30% of responders admitted they would rather walk or wait for a taxi than ride in a car with a dog.

Similar to the United Kingdom, South African’s love for dogs is well with a survey conducted in January this year, identifying canines as the most household pet in the country.

According to the findings by petkeen.com, 9.1-million dogs are kept as pets in the country, well ahead of the 2.4-million cats the survey identified as being the second most common non-human companion.

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Equally as well-known are South African’s love for the outdoors whether it be taking an afternoon walk or camping in a tent.

Based on the latest findings by AutoTrader UK though, a combination of the outdoors and involving one’s pet isn’t as popular with the publication’s first ever Canine Car Report finding that 30% of owners had no intention of being in the same car as their four-legged friends.

Survey discovery

Taking in account the responses of 1 150 dog owners, the survey came up with the following findings:

  • 30% of responders admitted they will never buy a car frequented by dogs
  • 80% admitted they are put off by a car that smells of dog or one that has traces of dog hair in it
  • 44% said they would scoff at the idea of buying a second-hand car that had been used as a dog transporter
  • 30% stated they would rather walk than sharing a car with a dog
  • 30% indicated they would rather hail and pay for a taxi than ride along with a dog

“We know that whilst our four-legged friends are an integral part of our day-to-day lives, they can have an impact on the cleanliness and attractiveness of your car. A vehicle that shows signs of being used by dogs not only puts off potential buyers when it comes to selling your car but can even deter people from wanting to travel with you at all,” AutoTrader UK’s Editorial Director, Erin Baker, said in response to the findings.

“Our research found larger dog breeds, such as Great Danes, Retrievers and Labradors are among some of the better canines for car travel in terms of temperament, but big dogs can also be the most off-putting to your fellow human passengers by shedding lots of hair, making your car smell particularly dog-like.”

“Regular cleaning and a full detailing service before you sell your car will help pet owners attract more buyers when they sell their car, regardless of whichever dog breed they like to travel with.”

Take note of the following

The publication has, therefore, provided the following tips when it comes to dog transportation and how to avoid your car smelling like a kennel:

  • Remove trash or object that could attract the dog’s attention.
  • Be workman-like when it comes to vacuuming the seats and floors to get rid of dog hairs.
  • Remove and thoroughly clean the floor mats.
  • Wipe away any dust or grime that remains after the vacuum.
  • Invest in a strain remover developed to rid an interior from stains.
  • Look into heavy-duty or waterproof seat covers to protect your car’s interior.
  • Use a window cleaner and cloth to wipe paw marks from the windows.
  • Be prepared to clean-up from the seats to the cupholders.

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