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Volkswagen lifts the lid on facelift Polo’s pricing

Initially, only the lesser powered 70 kW model be offered along with the GTI.

Having provided a detailed specification outlook two weeks ago on the updated Polo due in South Africa next month, Volkswagen has now officially revealed pricing details of not only the conventional model, but also the Polo GTI.

As indicated previously, the Polo, of which 700 000 have rolled out of Volkswagen’s Uitenhage assembly plant since 2002, will be offered in three trim levels; base, Life and R-Line with the GTI once again occupying flagship status.

Initially, buyers will be limited to the entry-level model and Life powered by the 70kW/175Nm 1.0 TSI engine, and the GTI with its 147kW/320Nm 2.0 TSI. The standard transmission on the former pair is a five-speed manual with the GTI retaining the seven-speed DSG.

The powered-up 85kW/200Nm 1.0 TSI, combined with the mentioned dual-clutch ‘box, will be offered from March on the Life and R-Line variants.

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In a subsequent confirmation as to why local GTI models continue with the same 147 kW output rather than the 152 kW of the German market version, Volkswagen, during a virtual media briefing, stated that the introduction of more stringent emissions regulations had required alterations to the exhaust system that resulted in the five kilowatt hike.

It, however, maintained the lower output variant to be the better option as the uptake had robbed the GTI of its signature soundtrack in addition to offering little in the way of added feel or performance prowess.

Aside from the hatch, Volkswagen also announced that the all-new Polo Sedan would be making landfall in the third quarter of next year.

While still to be confirmed, it is expected to be derived from the South American market Virtus, albeit revised for South African conditions and build in India where the current model, known there as the Vento, is sourced from.


On all models, a three year/120 000 km warranty will come as standard, along with a three year/45 000 km service plan.

  • Polo 1.0 TSI – R311 800
  • Polo 1.0 TSI Life – R350 000
  • Polo GTI – R489 400

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