Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
8 minute read
22 Jul 2020
6:41 pm

WATCH: Rivers of raw sewage flowing into the rivers which provide your drinking water

Nica Richards

A host of factors has contributed to sewage leaks across the Vereeniging suburb, seeping into homes and gushing down roads, causing damage to infrastructure, polluting the Vaal River, and posing serious health risks.

Raw sewage water is pictured in the streets of Peacehaven, Vereeniging, 21 July 2020. Alining pump stations and treatment plants have caused overflows of sewage all over the area, with some residents even having to resort to using buckets to drain their baths and toilets. Residents have begun digging trenches under their boundary walls in order for the build-up of water to drain from their properties. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Residents from the sleepy Vereeniging suburb of Peacehaven have struggled for the past five weeks to keep their heads above steadily rising raw sewage leaks spilling into streets and homes.  The suburb has been the hotspot of raw sewage spills for years, but many residents say the current situation is the worst it has ever been. To make matters worse, this raw sewage flows directly into the Klip River, which links up with the Vaal River.  According to Save the Vaal Environment (Save) vice-chairperson Maureen Stewart, part of the reason Peacehaven is drowning in sewage is due to a temporary...