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23 Oct 2021
10:00 am

WATCH: Family of Halloween fanatics create incredible DIY costumes

Tracy Lee Stark

A family of Halloween fanatics who are known locally for their incredible DIY costumes are suiting up for what may be their last 'all-out' year.

Family of Halloween fanatics create incredible DIY costumes. Picture: Screengrab

Adrienne St Laurent, 39, and her husband Andy, 40, have had a passion for Halloween since they were high-school sweethearts in the 1990’s .

The couple got together at 15, and every year used to enjoy dressing up together as their favourite Halloween characters.

After starting a family in 2007, they went on to have two children with whom they now share their love for the spookiest holiday of the year.

For the past six Halloweens, Adrienne has been tasked with making the best costumes in the neighbourhood.

The couple are largely into 80s pop culture movies and shows that they grew up with, and they have extended their excitement to their two kids Tate, 11, and Adelyn, 14.

In 2015, they made a name for themselves at a local Halloween parade with their debut Addams Family costume.

Adrienne crafts each costume completely from scratch and dresses the entire family for less than $50.

The stay at home mum finds lots of materials in thrift shops, and uses papier-mâché, poster board, wire hangers, felt and lots of hot glue to bring her creations to life.

Adrienne, from Indianapolis, Indiana, said: “We’ve loved Halloween ever since we we were teenagers, but we never planned to make it such a big deal in our family.

“When Tate was four, I was doing laundry and I realised one of his shirts looked like Pugsley’s shirt from the Addams Family.

“I thought it would be fun to all dress up like Addams Family characters for that upcoming Halloween and things just took off from there.

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