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By Tracy Lee Stark

Photographer and Multimedia Producer

WATCH: Photographer captures hilarious pictures of dogs trying to catch cubes of cheese

A dog photographer who captures hilarious pictures of pooches trying to catch cubes of cheese has raise nearly £2,000 to buy pet food for food banks.

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Carolyne Cowan, 56, snapped pictures of 41 dogs lunging for cheese at a Cathathon event.

Mum-of-two Carolyne pictured everything from Rottweilers and Greyhounds to little Border Terriers.

Her husband Alasdair, 63, dices up 10kg of cheese to throw at the pooches while Carolyne snaps away, taking around 50 pictures per pet.

Hilarious behind the scenes footage shows impatient Rottweiler Zeus getting set up to catch the cheese.

Carolyne started the event in 2018 and put it on for 14 months, raising £15,000, but was forced to pull the plug on it when Covid hit.

She raised £1,355 at the latest event last month, but was disappointed by the number of people who booked a slot but failed to pay and turn up.

Carolyne and Alasdair, from Falkirk, have teamed up with Burns pet food who will supply dog food to be donated.They want to raise £2,000 with Burns giving them £8,000 worth of food – around a tonne of dog food which the pair will donate to food banks.

Carolyne, who owns Carrie Southerton Photography, said: “It was a crazy day but we have never laughed so much ever.”

The owners had a ball, it was brilliant.

“There were only six dogs who didn’t or couldn’t catch the cheese.

“Some were being princesses and just looking at Alasdair after he threw the cheese with great distain, as if to say, how dare you throw something at me.

“But you get the hilarious outtakes with the ones who don’t catch so it was great fun and the dogs loved it.”I photographed 41 dogs over the weekend, we were hoping for 70 but some people mucked us around and didn’t turn up which was disappointing.

“We started a fundraising page because someone in America contacted us saying they could be there but would like to donate.

“So we are hoping to get up to our target through that.”

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