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23 Sep 2019
6:19 pm

It’s all a lie, says woman who accused Country Duty’s Tumi Sole of rape

Citizen reporter

An apology letter from Sole's supposed accuser paints a picture of supposed fabrication and regret.

Tumi Sole. Picture: Twitter

A social media user with Twitter username @TinahMahiloane – who now claims she was the woman who accused Country Duty’s Tumi Sole of raping her and infecting her with HIV earlier this month in a Durban hotel room – appears to have apologised for the “false accusations”.

The allegations emerged on the @HelpSurvivors2 Twitter account as part of the #AmINext movement, which aimed at exposing sexual assault offenders.

“Met in Durban. He was there on business. I liked him yes. He invited me to his hotel room. Had drinks. Forced himself on me. I kept saying no. He was so rough with me. He eventually managed to penetrate me. Now im [sic] taking ARVs cause of a selfish self absorbed man. I want him to trend until his wife sees this. And I wish for the same to happen to his children. Mr Country Duty yamasimba [sic],” read the accusation.

At the time, Sole said he would pursue the matter legally.

Now the accuser has shared a two-page apology to Sole, revealing that the accusations were supposedly all false.

Part of the apology reads: “After receiving a letter from Mr Tumi Sole’s attorneys on or about 3 September 2019, I initially denied that I was the one that posted the false and defamatory allegations. I have now realised the pain that has been caused by my false defamatory accusations and I have decided to be honest and face the consequences of my actions.

“In this regard, this letter serves as my official admission that I was the one that posted the false and defamatory allegations on @HelpSurvivors2, and I would like to take this opportunity to profusely apologise to Mr Tumi Sole, his entire family, #CountryDuty, the directors of #CountryDuty and the members and supporters of #CountryDuty for the pain and suffering that I have caused everyone.”

Read the full letter below:

The authenticity of the admission has not been confirmed, and Tumi Sole himself had not yet referenced it on social media or responded to it at the time of publication.

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