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8 May 2021
4:07 pm

Two men sentenced to life in prison for deadly R1m heist

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The two men were arrested following a shootout with police in Soweto, which left a policeman dead in June 2010.

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Two men have been sentenced to life imprisonment for robbing a Protea Coin vehicle of about R1 million a week before the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

The robbery resulted in the death of a policeman on the N1 south in June 2010.

Hosia Modiko Dipale and Percy Segoe were sentenced in the Johannesburg High Court on Friday.

The two were aided by accomplices during the robbery.

“A week before the 2010 World Cup, the two and their accomplices attacked a Protea Coin vehicle with rifles, and took about R1 million. During the robbery, two Protea Coin officials were shot and were subsequently treated in hospital,” said NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane.

The men were arrested following a shootout with police in Soweto, which left a policeman, Gert du Toit, dead.


They were found guilty of four counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances, nine counts of attempted murder, three counts of theft of a motor vehicle, murder, as well as three counts of unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition.

Senior prosecutor Gertrude Market said it was clear the men had serious intent.

“It was clear that the accused came prepared for war on the day of the commission of these offences. This is evident in the number of firearms recovered by police at various crime scenes. They shot at everything and everyone that moved on the day in question.

“They blatantly put innocent road users and citizens’ safety at risk. It was aggravating that these heinous offences were perpetrated against the security officials employed by Protea Coin, police officials and members of the public in broad daylight,” said Market.

Dipale was effectively sentenced to life and 130 years imprisonment, while Segoe got life and 132 years imprisonment.

“Segoe was further sentenced to two years for housebreaking with the intent to commit a crime, following his entry without permission, into a shack in Soweto during the police’s search for the robbers,” said Mjonondwane.