Cheryl Kahla
Deputy Online News Editor
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10 Jul 2021
2:01 pm

‘Zuma saved lives by going to jail’ – JZ Foundation

Cheryl Kahla

A spokesperson for the Jacob Zuma Foundation blamed the ConCourt for the violent protests on Saturday, saying Zuma prevented a massacre 'worse than Marikana'.

Former president Jacob Zuma in his home in Nkandla. Picture: AFP/Emmanuel Croset

While a spate of violent protests continues to break out across KwaZulu Natal on Saturday, spokesperson for the Jacob Zuma Foundation, Mzwanele Manyi, said the protesters were “provoked by the Constitutional Court”.

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He said the foundation “condemns the violent sentence meted out to former President Jacob Zuma, it also condemns the fact that Zuma was jailed without a fair trial”.

‘ConCourt to blame’ for violent protests

Manyi said Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo failed to “use remedies applicable to him and the  State Capture Commission”, and instead “ran to the Constitutional Court”.

He says the foundation furthermore condemns the Con Court’s decision to refuse Zuma the right of appeal.

“What we see happening on the ground is the righteous anger at all these injustices. It’s the righteous anger to what is happening to a 79-year-old man, an old pensioner sitting in a cold cell, his health is being negatively affected both physically and psychologically”.

Manyi said the anger seen during protests on Saturday “is an anger that says President Zuma does not deserve what was given to him”, adding the president deserves equal treatment but was not given equality before the law.

Zuma’s trial ‘should be the biggest outrage’

When asked if the foundation condones the violence perpetrated against innocent truck owners and drivers caught in the crossfire, citizens who are in no way involved with the treatment, just or otherwise, Zuma has been meted, Manyi deflected by blaming the Constitutional Court.

He said the foundation was resolute in fighting for Zuma’s rights, and that the “biggest outrage should be against the Constitutional Court for unleashing this on us”.

He said the court acted unlawfully, and as a result, violent protests broke out.

In another attempt to get Manyi to comment on the violence perpetrated against innocent civilians and bystanders, the spokesperson said the “foundation condemns the violent provocation of the people”.

He said the protests could be stopped immediately by a simple decision from the court.

Zuma ‘saved lives’

He said eNCA was asking the wrong questions and suggested they call the Constitutional Court and “ask them if they’re happy with what is happening on the ground”.

“President Zuma is a peaceful person. Worse could have happened if he did not decide to hand himself in. We would have had more than the Marikana massacre, so President Zuma saved lives by going to jail without trial”.

He asked what South Africa expected, as Zuma’s supporters are “faced with hostility from the ConCourt and hostility from the State Capture Commission, people are responding to this kind of hostility”.

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