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By Itumeleng Mafisa

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City of Johannesburg and DA back in court over controversial city manager’s appointment

The DA in Johannesburg wants the municipality to advertise the city manager's position again.

Democratic Alliance (DA) said its lawyers were engaged in a court battle with the City of Johannesburg over the appointment of the current city manager, Floyd Brink.

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Brink was appointed as city manager last year by the Government of Local Unity (GLU) led by the ANC and its proxy mayors. But the DA raised concerns his appointment had not been done legally. The DA took the matter to the South Gauteng High Court and won the case.

City of Johannesburg defied the court

But the GLU has ignored the court ruling and appointed Brink without even advertising the job.

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DA caucus leader Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku said it was clear that the GLU was hell-bent on ensuring that Brink is the City Manager.

“The rule of law cannot be compromised, the court ruled on the matter with clear directives as to what needs to be done,” Kayser-Echeozonjoku said.

Kayser-Echeozonjoku said the City was in contempt of court and ignoring a current court order.

“The City executives is in contempt of court, had defied a court order and misled the programming committee. The City is also violating the standing rules and order of Council by bypassing a matter before the court and bringing it into council,” she said.

GLU accused DA of trying to sabotage Brink

At the time Brink was appointed the Speaker of Council, former speaker Colleen Makhubele had accused the DA of pushing Brink out of the race to get to job. But this is something the DA has denied.

“The City is spending money on courts when there was an order given as to what needs to be done. What prevents the city from advertising and going through a fair and transparent process,” Kayser-Echeozonjoku said.

“Why is the city bent on preventing a fair and transparent process by spending residents’ money on protecting Mr Brink instead of following directive of the court order?” she asked.

Brink has been a key figure in the GLU and has been widely backed by a faction of the ANC and the EFF. He is also seen as a close ally of the Al-Jama-ah mayor Kabelo Gwamanda.

The Citizen reached out to the City of Johannesburg for comment. Their response will be added to this article as soon as it is received.

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