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27 Mar 2020
8:15 pm

Johannesburg’s homeless transported to temporary homes

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Some, however, refused to be moved.

A group of homeless people are seen, 27 March 2020, in Johannesurg, after being assempled by the SANDF and the JMPD for relocation on day one of the 21 day national lockdown, following President Cyril Ramaphosa declaration of a National Disaster as a result of Covid-19 Coronavirus of Covid-19 Coronavirus. Picture: Michel Bega

Homeless people in Johannesburg and Mayfair have mostly complied with an order to be taken to places of shelter for the duration of the 21-day lockdown.

On Friday, a large number of men and women, both young and old, were transported by police to their temporary homes.

Armed with their belongings, each person was searched before the trip.


When President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a national lockdown on Monday, he said the homeless had to be taken to shelters because no one was allowed to roam the streets.

Brian Kondile, of Youth International for Human Rights, said they were assisting the homeless with information as to why they were being removed from the streets.

Kondile said their mission was to ensure that all homeless people were safely escorted to their new temporary homes.

Some, however, refused to be moved.

“We have made sure that over 400 will be safely housed. So far everything has gone smoothly and our officers have done a wonderful job,” he said.

But Kondile said they were against the arrest of homeless people, especially those who were willing to move to shelters.

“They must be sheltered, not arrested. For them to be arrested would be a violation of their rights.”

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