Cheryl Kahla
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7 Sep 2021
10:46 am

Yes, vaccines prevent Covid hospitalisations. Here’s proof

Cheryl Kahla

Out of the 256 patients being treated for Covid-19 at the Groote Schuur Hospital, 99% are unvaccinated.

Covid-19 vaccinations. Picture: AFP/Kena Betancur

Pulmonologist at the Netcare Olivedale Hospital, Dr Frans Skosana, on Monday shared proof that vaccines significantly lower the occurrence of Covid-19 hospitalisations.

Skosana shared a graphic initially released by the Groote Schuur Hospital in the Western Cape, which shows the total number of patients with Covid-19 currently in the hospital.

Vaccinated vs unvaccinated

Groote Schuur Hospital ICU stats

Of the 156 patients hospitalised, only three had been vaccinated, while the remaining 153 are confirmed to be unvaccinated.

In addition, of the 66 patients in the intensive care unit (ICU), or the 32 patients on ventilators as of 6 September 2021, none had received their vaccines.

That means out of the 256 patients currently in the hospital, 99% are unvaccinated.

Fewer breakthrough infections in Gauteng

Skosana said: “We were not so fortunate in Gauteng; most patients had just been vaccinated.”

That said, Skosana said vaccinated healthcare workers in Gauteng still had fewer breakthrough infections, and those who contracted Covid-19, had “mostly mild infections”.

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Veracy of infographic confirmed

When first shared on social media, the infographic caused a stir in that it appeared similar to data released by Sanford Health back in August.

However, Bhekisisa editor-in-chief Mia Malan confirmed the data was accurate:

Western Cape Health confirmed this to Nathan Geffen from GroundUp.

She said it was important to note the statistics released by the Groote Schuur Hospital were “for one day only”, and that the provincial health department would share additional data on Thursday

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Covid-19 hospitalisations in South Africa

NICD data shows hospitalised patients made up 35.8% of all reported tests, of which 42% were in the public sector and 27.8% in the private sector.

Furthermore, the NICD said: “The percentage testing positive in week 34 was higher among outpatients (21.9%) compared to inpatients (17.8%), and decreased from the previous week in both groups.”

The Northern Cape (29.%), Western Cape (27.1%) and Free State (25.%) provinces recorded the highest percentage for positive tests.