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Eskom introduces load limit project

Eskom appealed to customers who were selected as part of the pilot to partner with it in ensuring that the impact of load shedding is reduced.

Some Eskom clients in Fourways may have been surprised to find themselves part of Eskom’s load limiting measures during stages 1 to 4 of load shedding yesterday. This may be a way to allow some functionality, although limited.

“Eskom is in the process of implementing the load limiting project nationally, with the pilot starting yesterday in Fourways,” Eskom spokesperson Amanda Qithi said yesterday.

Reduced capacity

“The pilot will focus on select customers with smart meters. Load limiting through smart meters is part of the demand side management initiatives to manage and optimise electricity consumption to better balance the supply and demand of electricity on the grid, during stages 1 to 4 of load shedding.”

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Qithi said customers’ electricity capacity will be reduced from 60/80 amps to 10 amps.

“This will allow customers to continue to use essential appliances with a reduced capacity of up to 10 amps.

“An hour before the start of load shedding, the system will prompt customers to reduce their consumption to 10 amps by sending a message to their customer interface unit and cellphone,” Qithi said.

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“The system will provide the customer with four opportunities to reduce consumption and thereafter, if the load has not been reduced, the meter will automatically switch off the electricity supply for the duration of the load shedding period.”

Eskom urges cooperation

The power utility appealed to customers who were selected as part of the pilot to partner with it in ensuring that the impact of load shedding is reduced.

“There are numerous benefits to this approach for customers and Eskom. The project aims to allow customers to have access to minimal usage of electricity during lower stages of load shedding,” Qithi said.

“The success of this phase of the project depends on the partnership between Eskom and the customers, as the outcomes will influence how the national rollout will unfold.”

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According to Eskom, 10 amps is equivalent to 2.3KW. This means customers can only use low-consuming equipment such as lights, security systems, fridges, Wi-Fi and TV.

To measure consumption, customers can also punch in the code i001 on the customer interface unit and it will display the power they are consuming.

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