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‘Janusz Waluś must rot…fate will meet him’ – Lesufi

Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Ronald Lamola placed Waluś on parole under “strict conditions”

As Chris Hani’s assassin Janusz Waluś begins his two-year parole, Gauteng premier Panyaza Lesufi has been scathing in his reaction saying the Polish immigrant “will meet his fate.”

The Minister of Justice and Correctional Services Ronald Lamola placed Waluś on parole under “strict conditions” with effect from Wednesday, 7 December.

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This follows the judgment of the Constitutional Court handed down on 21 November 2022, that Waluś be released within 10 days after spending almost 30 years in jail.

It found that the decision by Lamola not to grant Waluś parole in 2020 was irrational.

But two days before the deadline Waluś was stabbed in prison and this delayed his release.

The decision to release Waluś on parole garnered widespread controversy.

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Lesufi dismayed

Lesufi’s comments about Waluś being released on parole was very uncharacteristic with the choice of words expressing a deep dismay that Chris Hani’s killer is now free.

He was disappointed that Waluś has been released on parole, Lesufi said, speaking to journalists during a surprise visit at Tembisa Hospital on Wednesday.

“It’s a sad day. Those that know who Chris Hani was and those who know what his role was in being where we are today will know that murderer doesn’t deserve to be out of prison. But if a decision is taken by the court, we’ll respect that.”

Waluś will meet his fate

Lesufi said Waluś “must rot” and “must not think he will enjoy his life.”

“Fate will meet him. He must not think that he will enjoy life when he’s killed Chris Hani. He will never enjoy life and wherever he goes, wherever he’s going to, he must know he’s a loser and there’s nothing heroic about him.”

“He’s a coward actually he killed somebody who was unarmed and he killed our hero. So, he can go an rot wherever he’s going to rot and he must know we are very angry and I hope the shade of protection will always be around him because we do not think that he is [good] enough to be in our country,” Lesufi said.

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No well-wishes

Lesufi also did not wish Waluś well.

“We are wishing him all the bad luck that he needs in this world and whatever that he needs to get.”

The 62-year-old Waluś was serving a life sentence for killing Hani outside his home in Boksburg on 10 April 1993, with the support of Clive Derby-Lewis.

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