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Zuma’s diamond man Louis Liebenberg preaches to ‘die Volk’ from the shower

While his 'tottie' was obscured from view, a part of Louis Liebenberg's bum can be seen before he launches into a naked sermon in the shower.

A near-explicit video of diamond dealer Louis Liebenberg is doing the rounds on social media and private messaging platforms after his wife Dezzi captured the visuals and shared them on Facebook.

The video begins with a shot of Dezzi’s face as she walks through their home and mentions that she is going to check if her husband is finished with what he was doing.

She enters the bathroom and the video pans across the room before landing upon the shower where half of her husband’s bum can be seen as he finishes up his shower.

His new wife, whom he married recently, lets him know that he is on camera and he tells her that he needs to finish up, adding that he needs to make sure he washes his tottie (diminutive slang for penis).

As jy met die volk praat, moet jou tottie reg wees [when you speak to the people, you must make sure your genitals are in order]” he says, as he rinses himself off.

He then goes on to say that the shower is where “things happen” and where some of his clearest thoughts and dreams occur, stating that this also gives God a chance to speak to him.

Louis Liebenberg’s naked shower sermon

He then looks straight into the camera while the shower continues to run behind him asking the viewer if they have communed with God in the shower yet. The viewer in question was initially meant to be one of the 80,000 group members from the Forever Diamonds and Gold Facebook group that belongs to him.

The video has since found it’s way beyond the group.

Liebenberg then preaches about the omnipotence and omnipresence of God, adding that the shower works as a great vehicle for this as it allows one the time to shut out the noise of the outside world, thus allowing God’s voice to come through even clearer than it normally would.

Addressing people who come to him with their concerns about the theft an illegal mining of gold, diamond and other minerals, Liebenberg says these people “don’t seem to understand” that it all belongs to God.

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Switching to English from Afrikaans, he then says; “When you start becoming a peculiar people and you believe God instead of man then miracles happen. Then everything changes because God is with you.”
He concludes that this is what the “ou kramp gatte” and “bitter gaaitjies” don’t understand.

Liebenberg most recently made headlines for his public support for former South African president Jacob Zuma as well as his FGD Scheme which Netwerk24 has called a ponzi scheme.

The scheme is at the center of a lawsuit filed against him by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). As a result of the suit, his accounts, containing about R100 million, have been frozen and he is said to often use that reason as an excuse for not paying people who poured their funds into the scheme.

Compiled by Kaunda Selisho

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