William Saunderson-Meyer
3 minute read
4 Sep 2021
6:20 am

South Africa’s dilemma: Will our country thrive or wither?

William Saunderson-Meyer

The question is whether President Cyril Ramaphosa can, or even wants, to bind the country’s grievous wounds and restore it to rude health.

SA woes continue. Will the country thrive or wither?

It’s the South African dilemma. Will our country thrive or wither? Should we stay or go? It’s the quandary that appears to be on the lips of everyone who has the luxury of options. It’s a move whispered about even among lifelong supporters of the anti-apartheid struggle. The numbers leaving have soared in recent years. Anecdotally, it has reached levels akin to the pre-democracy exodus of 1994, as well as the rush for the exits during PW Botha’s 1980s state of emergency. A few weeks back, I received a poignant e-mail from someone who, to me, seemed to typify a...