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Writing in your mother tongue is a right

Limpopo community pushes for Khelobedu recognition to ease exam stress and improve educational equity.

We can’t think of many things harder than writing examinations in any language other than your mother tongue.

To have to first translate any question or instruction to your home language before putting pen to paper in a different language will only add to more stress, come exam time.

Our children already have to unnecessarily deal with anxiety, depression and sometimes bloated expectations when sitting down to write exams.

The last thing they need is more obstacles in the classroom.

With this in mind, the call from the Bolobedu community in Limpopo to make Khelobedu the 13th official language in SA has merit.

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They already have support of the Limpopo basic education department and President Cyril Ramaphosa openly endorsing the possibility.

Pupils in the province have had to write exams in Sepedi up to now, but it’s believed the Bolobedu clan constitutes about 30% of the population.

Their class of 2023 had a matric pass rate of just under 80%. In 2022, that figure was 72.1%. Surely, this can only improve?

There will obviously be an outcry from many, arguing that we don’t need yet another official language, but put yourself in a Limpopo child’s shoes.

Every person has the right to a good education. Surely, they also have the right to an education in their mother tongue?

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