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‘Paranoid idiot’ Carl Niehaus slammed for asking MK vets to protect him

He has been advised to see a doctor or debt counsellor.

A staunch supporter of former president Jacob Zuma, Carl Niehaus, has found himself at the receiving end of insults and ridicule after claiming he was being followed by Chris Vick, who in turn called Niehaus a “paranoid idiot”.

Niehaus posted a warning on social media claiming former president Jacob Zuma “hater” Vick was following him around.

“Saturday he was at the international arrivals of OR Tambo International Airport when we were welcoming Msholozi back home. Cap pulled deep over his eyes and trying to duck-and-dive, turning away, when I looked straight at him.

“Today, when I was in a meeting at the Hyatt Hotel, there he was again, lurking around… Lol, standing out like a sore thumb. Not a very successful and bumbling soy, but nonetheless stalking me and obviously with no good intentions,” claimed Niehaus in a warning statement.

Vick hit back at Niehaus, and said he was not at the airport on Saturday. While Niehaus believes he was also followed to the Hyatt Hotel, Vick says that’s where his office is.

“F*ck off, you paranoid idiot. I was nowhere near ORT for your little welcome home party on Saturday. And anyone who knows me knows the Hyatt is my office. See a doctor. See a debt counsellor. Get help. You’re not worth following,” said Vick.

Niehaus has asked his MK cadres to protect him from Vick and also urged them that no matter how irritated they get while on the job, they must “just always stay within the law”.

In June last year, Niehaus opened a case of attempted murder and incitement to cause serious bodily harm at the Sandton Police Station following a tweet from a Twitter account that allegedly tweeted in Afrikaans: “You f*cking traitor. I should have shot you dead in Angola!!! Your day is close!!!”

“The words ‘your day is close’, combined with sentiments that the Twitter user expresses that he should have shot comrade Niehaus dead in Angola, cannot be construed as anything else but a very serious threat,” Niehaus said at the time.

Other social media users allegedly called for Niehaus’ eyes to be gouged out and his throat cut, commenting on a story about him calling for the implementation of the resolutions of the 54th National Conference of the ANC.

The development of the case is yet to be announced.

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