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Vicky Abraham
2 minute read
30 Jan 2017
6:15 am

University allegedly pays R10m for electricity in three years

Vicky Abraham

The small university in Johannesburg has again been slapped with a whopping R1.1 million bill for January.

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An Islamic university in the south of Johannesburg has allegedly paid the City of Joburg more than R10 million for electricity in less than three years.

Darul Uloom University in Zakariyya Park, which caters for 650 students, with 50 teachers and 50 staff members, allegedly owes the City R1 106 240.11 for January only.

If they settle the R1 106 240.11, they would have parted with R11 million on electricity in less than four years.

University site manager Zaheer Wadee claims the City Power readings recorded on their statement are taken from a meter that is unknown to them as it does not correspond with the actual meter in the meter box.

Papers seen by The Citizen indicated that readings were taken from three different meters, #07210086, 63030430 and 9836922.

Wadee said in 2007, they used to pay R35 000 to R40 000 a month, but it surprisingly rose to R100 000, later R300 000.

Between January 2014 and May 2016, they paid between R186 955.70 and R386 689.32. In June, it increased to R423 911.74, then R785 790.97 and currently they alleged owe the city R1 106 240.11.

“R1.1  million, you know how many RDP houses you can build with that and how many poor people you can feed. Besides, where do we get the money from to pay this amount? People are dying of poverty and hunger and here we have to pay this amount for our lights, it’s ridiculous,” said Wadee.

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Wadee presented a calculation of payments, which he said were to the city, alleging so far they have paid close to R10 million for electricity.

City spokesperson Kgamanyane Maphologela said the matter is already under investigation to confirm the meter number that is attached to the property, the usage and the functionality of the meter.

“The investigation will furthermore confirm the validity of the billing process with consumption obtained from meter number 07210086,” said Maphologela. Maphologela confirmed that the city’s Revenue Shared Services department would be in contact with the university.

Wadee informed The Citizen that the city’s team came to the university to investigate the matter after an enquiry from the newspaper.

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