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Yeshiel Panchia
1 minute read
25 Apr 2017
1:24 pm

PICS: Finetown residents demand land in Lenasia

Yeshiel Panchia

Finetown residents are demanding the land in Lenasia Ext. 2, while residents of that suburb are protesting that the Finetown residents should not move in.

Residents of Finetown, Johannesburg, protest in demand for land outside of Lenasia Extension 2. Protestors clashed with police as residents of both suburbs desire to use the land for residences. 25 April 2017. Photo by Yeshiel Panchia.

Residents have spoken out about the land grabs, saying they are upset that the value of their properties is decreasing.

See images of the protest below




LISTEN: Lenasia protester says Lenasia land grabs are devaluing properties

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