Gosebo Mathope
2 minute read
12 May 2017
2:17 pm

Parly’s portfolio committee on public enterprises dismayed by Eskom

Gosebo Mathope

The interim chairperson on public enterprises says Eskom gave them no hint they were planning this last week.

Parliament file picture

The announcement by Eskom’s chairperson this morning that Brian Molefe will be returning to Eskom has taken the parliamentary portfolio committee on public enterprises  by surprise. And the interim chairperson of the oversight body is not amused by the latest shenanigans at Eskom.

The interim chairperson of the committee, Zukiswa Rantho, told The Citizen she herself was taken aback by the announcement. And both Eskom and public enterprises department have a lot to answer for, she says.

“It came as a shock to us as a committee. We met the department of public enterprises this week to prepare for their budget vote. None of them raised the issue of reinstating Molefe. I can guarantee you even the ANC caucus here in parliament had no idea this was going to happen,” she said.

Rantho suggested that the department may have been insolent towards parliament.

“Look, we agree that the former CEO of the state entity has capacity. But it would have been proper for Eskom and the department to report this matter to us as a committee.”

The interim chairperson said that, instead, she herself had also heard Eskom’s explanation for reinstating Molefe via the radio while driving to work.

“Although I can’t recall who the person was, they said that the reason they are reinstating Molefe is because they failed to reach consensus with the minister on the R30 million pension payout to Molefe.” Rantho said this was not good enough.

Asked whether she agreed with the DA that Eskom must appear before the committee or an investigation be conducted into this matter, Rantho was amenable.

“I agree with the DA on this matter. We should be apprised of what the thought process is here in the first place. They must appear before the committee and explain the issues to us and the country,” she said.

Asked what would happen if Eskom undermined the committee in future, Rantho was very clear.

“We will follow parliamentary procedures. We will write to either the speaker or chair of chairs to request guidance on what to do next. Eskom cannot simply do what it wants.”