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9 Nov 2017
1:21 pm

Crayon-wielding Lindiwe Sisulu’s typo sends Twitter into a trolling frenzy

Citizen Reporter

The trolling included Sisulu being told to take solace in the fact that the current ANC president is himself not a friend of numerical figures.

ANC presidential hopeful and Minister of Human Settlements Lindiwe Sisulu denies she is a “spoilt brat” and exile surname-carrying princess with a sense of entitlement to the top ANC leadership post.

Those were the salvos Julius Malema threw at the former minister of defence in the wake of President Jacob Zuma’s latest Cabinet reshuffle. And she saw it fit to take to Twitter to clarify that she had actually earned her stripes.


She swiftly corrected herself, and stated in fact she joined the struggle when she was 16 years old.

This retraction prompted one user to promptly remind Sisulu there is a basic arithmetic problem within the ruling party.

The memes began in earnest.

Some could not care less whether Sisulu threw crayons at the apartheid regime or that she carried an AK-47. She was told there was a pertinent question she needed to address on the spot.

Her nephew, media personality and entrepreneur, Shaka Sisulu, was brought into the equation.

President Jacob Zuma’s recent parliamentary response to DA leader Mmusi Maimane that “if you come with muendos [innuendo]” was invoked.

Her typo was explained as the reason why she never ascended to the deputy president position.

Others claimed to not be interested if she sang anti-apartheid nursery rhymes or joined the struggle by going underground.

In her defence, a user did remind the venomous lot that in the ANC Youth League, age was beyond just a number, and was terribly fluid.

And, they were told to behave with decorum and focus on the matter at hand!


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