Marizka Coetzer
4 minute read
6 Nov 2021
5:30 am

Fokofpolisiekar: All grown up, but still rocking the tannies

Marizka Coetzer

Despite the band being 18 years old, they have 19-year-old girls singing along to every lyric of the old songs.

Francois van Coke. Picture: Supplied

After almost two decades in the industry, the young Afrikaans rocker from Bellville with the dirty mouth and greasy hair known as the lead singer of the band Fokofpolisiekar, Francois Van Coke, believes he is not only all grown up but also much wiser. “I feel all grown up. It’s pretty crazy for us because Fokofpolisiekar the band is already 18 years old,” Van Coke said. Fokofpolisiekar, two decades later Still rocking the tannies At a recent show, a “60s-something tannie” approached Van Coke to tell him that she was a huge fan and related to the lyrics of the...