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Two Limpopo pupils – one aged 30 – arrested for fatal stabbing of fellow learner

The Limpopo Education Department said judging by the weapons found on the pupils, they might as well be 'called gangsters'.

In yet another tragic incident of violence at schools, an 18-year-old pupil at Maope Secondary School, in Bela Bela, was stabbed to death outside the school during a fight on Tuesday, 28 November.

The Citizen double-checked with the police on the accuracy of the information provided, which states that one of the suspects is a pupil aged 30.

Pupil fatally stabbed during argument

According to the police, two groups of boys had a heated argument, which led to a fight during which the pupil was severely stabbed, sustaining serious injuries on the upper body by two suspects. In the process, the victim was then stabbed and sustained serious injuries.

“The victim was immediately transported to the hospital by a community member who witnessed the incident, but was declared dead on arrival. The deceased has been identified by his family as Photigo Monareng,” said Limpopo police commissioner Lieutenant-General Thembi Hadebe.

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Bela Bela pupil stabbing: Weapons seized upon arrest

Police traced the two suspects and arrested them on Tuesday. During the arrest, police confiscated three knives, a hammer and an axe.

The motive behind the incident is unknown, but police investigations are ongoing.

The suspects, aged between 18 and 30, will appear before the Bela Bela Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, 30 November facing a charge of murder.

Department of Education condemns violence and bullying

Limpopo Department of Education head of communications, Matome Taueatsoala, told The Citizen the MEC Is Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya has sent her condolences to the Monareng family.

He added that the the pupils who stabbed Photigo, can “be called gangsters because of what they were found with”.

“We condemn any forms of violence in our schools. Bullying is a serious matter that affects the lives of our people and their future as well,” said Taueatsoala.

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‘Bullying becoming a trend in schools’

Hadebe also condemned all forms of bullying and violence in and around the learning environment in the strongest possible terms.

“We have noted a trend of bullying and embedded culture of violence in schools recently,” the police commissioner said.

“Bullying and violence should be reported to the parents, teachers and police as soon as these incidents occur se it is so unacceptable and should not be tolerated at all. It is time to hold those responsible for these acts to account,” concluded Hadebe.

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