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Father and children allegedly kill ‘demon-possessed’ mother during exorcism procedure

According to a police report, the exorcism procedure required the family to cut parts of the mother's body.

A Gauteng father, his daughter and son have been arrested for allegedly killing the children’s mother during an exorcism procedure on Monday.

According to police spokesperson Colonel Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi, Gauteng police were called to the murder scene in Evaton by the father on Monday.

“Upon arrival, a body of a woman was found mutilated. The suspects alleges that the victim who was their mother and wife to their father was demon-possessed and they were performing an exorcism procedure on her which required them to cut some parts of her body,” said Nevhuhulwi.

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Provincial Commissioner of the police in Gauteng Lieutenant General Elias Mawela has condemned the incident and urged the public to always seek professional help such as psychological, spiritual and social welfare services that is at their disposal within their communities.

The three suspects, aged 24, 26 and 61 years, are expected to appear before a Magistrate’s Court soon on charges of murder.

Police investigations continue.

In another incident in KwaZulu-Natal, police arrested a pastor and relatives of two nine-year-old girls who died during an exorcism procedure.

The arrests came after police received an anonymous call in March 2020 reporting “something sinister” unfolding at a house at Ezimambeni.

“Upon arrival, the police were greeted with hostility by the family members who did not want their presence and asked who had called them. After a barrage of questions from the family members, police encountered a very gruesome scene,” said Colonel Thembeka Mbele.

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“Two nine-year-old girls lay on the floor with bruises all over their bodies, one of the girls was already deceased and the other was unconscious.”

The family members alleged the girls were attacked by evil spirits that also instructed them to drink blood.

“In response to the girls’ attack by the evil spirits the family also beat up the girls as a form of exorcism. A local pastor was also called to pray for the girls and he also allegedly joined in the beating of the girls.”

Further investigations also revealed that in 2015, another girl from the family died under mysterious circumstances and was buried a day after her death without the family informing any authorities.

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