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WATCH: Best videos from SA’s class of 2023 as matric results rolled in!

Here's a compilation of some of the most exhilarating social media posts from the Class of 2023.

The journey for the matriculating class of 2023 has been nothing short of a thrilling roller-coaster ride – filled with ups and downs.

However, the culmination of their hard work is finally evident as the results have been released. This marks the commencement of a new and exciting chapter in their lives.

The online sphere is buzzing with the contagious excitement, capturing the elation of matriculants as they receive their well-deserved results. In celebration of this significant milestone, we’ve curated a compilation of some of the most exhilarating social media posts from the matriculants of 2023.

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A new car for passing Matric

This young man managed to bag seven distinctions in his Matric results. His parents were so happy, they bought him a car. He clearly can’t contain his excitement. This is definitely a moment to remember for life.

Celebrating 100% pass rate

Teachers and pupils danced together as Greenside High School celebrated a whopping 100% passrate.

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The jubilant atmosphere echoed with cheers and laughter, creating unforgettable memories for everyone gathered to commemorate this remarkable achievement.

Top of the lot

This young man could not contain his excitement after learning that he was the top achiever at his school.
Unable to contain his joy, he busted out a happy dance, spreading the good news with a simple yet infectious enthusiasm.

Mama is happy too

A family is seen celebrating their first-born’s bachelor pass in this video. It truly is a proud moment for the family and a significant milestone marking the academic achievements and hard work by their child.

The results are finally in

The jubilance was almost tangible at this fuelling station as matriculants found their names in the newspaper, learning that they passed.

The air buzzed with excitement, and proud smiles adorned the faces of the successful matriculants as they embraced the realization of their academic achievements.

High achievers

Another family celebrates their daughter’s news that she was one of the top achievers in the country.

She is clearly overwhelmed with joy as she realises all her hard work has finally paid off.

Overwhelmed and over the moon

A victorious energy can certainly be felt here as this matriculant celebrates his pass. It truly is an emotional moment as he makes his way back home knowing he did his best and achieved what he did.

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