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Record number of distinctions and top pupils: Some of the best performing IEB schools

Some of the IEB schools that achieved a 100% pass rate include Reddford House, Yeshiva College, Reddhill School, Roedan School and Future Nation.

The overall pass rate for the Independent Board of Examinations (IEB) schools is 98.4%.

Most of the IEB schools achieved a 100% pass rate.

Below are some of the schools who achieved this:

Theodor Herzl school

The Theodor Herzl school in Walmer, Gqeberha, is proud of its pupils who achieved a 100% pass rate.

Seventeen of its 19 pupils passed their matric with Bachelor passes. An overall 32 distinctions were achieved by the students.

Theodor Herzl’s top two pupils – Serena Escola and Gina Wu – tied with seven distinctions each. Both girls received IEB Commendable Achievement Awards for being among the country’s top 5% in five subjects.

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Escola was in the top 1% in life sciences and life orientation, while Wu was in the top 1% in accounting and computer applications technology.

“To all our matric learners, your resilience, hard work, and dedication have truly paid off,” the school said on its Facebook page.

Hilton College

Hilton College pupils performed exceptionally in their matric year, each achieving a record number of distinctions. Hilton also secured a 100% pass rate, with 102 of the pupils sitting for the IEB exams and the remaining 16 writing the complete Cambridge A Levels.

“All of Hilton’s A-Level boys have achieved results that would enable access to a tertiary institution of their choice,” says James Webb, the Director of International Learning at Hilton College.

“All of Hilton’s IEB learners who have applied to top South African universities have been accepted and many are awaiting acceptances from top international universities.”

Reddam House Gauteng

All three Reddam House schools in Gauteng – Reddam House Waterfall, Reddam House Bedfordview and Reddam House Helderfontein – achieved a 100% pass rate.

Additionally, eight pupils achieved a national ranking within the top 5% in six or more subjects, placing them on the IEB Outstanding Achievement List. At Reddam House Waterfall, an average of 35.56% of students achieved an A aggregate and an average overall percentage of 75.74%.

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Top achiever Aurello Pillay got eight distinctions. Speaking to The Citizen, he said he expected distinctions and is “thrilled” with his results. He intends to study law at the University of Pretoria (UP).

“I plan on studying law (LLB) at the University of Pretoria. I intend to use this as a springboard for a career into politics, in which I aspire to advocate for social justice in South Africa, especially pertaining to LGBTQ+ hate crimes and gender-based violence,” said Pillay.

Another top pupil, Cameron Gall from Helderfontein House, achieved eight distinctions and an outstanding 100% in mathematics.

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Treverton College

Treverton College’s matric class achieved a 86% Bachelor degree pass rate. With 76 distinctions from 49 pupils, two candidates ranked in the top 1% of the IEB.

Noteworthy subjects that exceeded the national average include physical sciences, mathematics, life sciences, and history. Additionally, pupils demonstrated their commitment outside the classroom through remarkable achievements, such as expeditions and endurance runs.

Treverton’s very own academic achiever and adventure sports fanatic, Kai Broom embodies the perfect balance between intellectual prowess and the thrill of adrenaline-fueled pursuits. He achieved seven distinctions, participated in an extreme Polar Bear Challenge and finished a 100km run along the Drakensberg Escarpment in under 36 hours.

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Here is a list with some of the other IEB schools who achieved a 100% pass rate.

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