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By Carien Grobler

Deputy Digital Editor

100-year-old voter stays loyal to DA, hopes for improvement in SA

100-year-old Joe Schloms says he has voted in every election since he was eligible to vote.

On Wednesday morning, before they left their home in Durban to vote, Lynn Schloms had to sew a button to her husband’s pants.

“I couldn’t get the tread through the hole in the needle, so he did it for me. He just turned 100, but is still in very good health.”

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Joe and Lynn voted at the Northwood Boys High School in Durban, just after DA leader John Steenhuisen cast his vote at the same voting station.

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Despite his age, Joe walked to the voting station from the car and spoke to the media after placing his ballot in the box.

In good spirits, Joe told The Citizen that he voted for the good of the country. When asked what he would like to see improve in South Africa, he said he doesn’t want anything to change. “I would just like to see the country improve when ruled by a good cabinet.”

Joe has voted in every election since he was eligible to vote.

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On load shedding, service delivery and corruption in the country, he said: “It doesn’t affect me, because I’m very much relaxed and I don’t do anything anymore. Things like that don’t worry me anymore.”

He doesn’t hold back about who he voted for. Since the foundation of the party, he has always voted for the DA, Joe says with a smile.

“They are the party I believe should be in power,” he concluded.